Sunday, January 1, 2012

Ithaca Trip

While on break, I had to work for 1 morning.  I took some time to head downtown in Ihaca with my camera.  This is what I found.

This photo was suggested by Ben.  It's an incredible willow tree on a very small piece of green space between a bank and a Taco bell.

The Willow Trees in Stewart part are some of the most commonly photographed trees in the area.  I thought I'd try this angle to give the illusion of other trees reaching out to the willows.  (There are also geese out on the ice just beyond the willows.

I failed in completing the 52 trees in a year, so I'll continue into this year to finish this project.


  1. Holy Cats! Nice.. They are an impressive group.. Thanks for taking that one Stevo - very cool

  2. heyo Steve, theres another really cool tree i spotted.. Its on Mitchel just off of Pine Tree rd. Heading toward town its on the right just past a big white house and next to a flag and flag pole. I'm pretty sure its on the grounds of the cemetery. The tree looks very japanese

  3. just looking at these again man - great photos. that black and white has such great strength and depth.. nice work! can we trade painting for photo?